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Developed within the greater framework of social entrepreneurship, the AAA – African Tailors’ Atelier is a social and educational project created in 2011 by fashion designer Sofia Vilarinho during her PhD in Sustainable Fashion Design and later on followed thru in collaboration with the Technical Professional Trade Centre MODATEX in Lisbon.
The continuity and diffusion of this pilot-project focus on finding, encouraging and expediting practical solutions for the inclusion of migrant African tailors (residing in Lisbon’s metropolitan area) in the Portuguese national job market by certifying their creative skills thru a pedagogical program that reinforces their technical, academic and professional training.
Until now, the AAA pilot-project has allowed us to establish several job positions, as well as the legalization and insertion in the national and international job market for a group of those African tailors. Thus, from the twenty people originally involved in the project since 2011, and then living in financial and legal precarious conditions, five have become legalized in Portugal; two have migrated to other countries (where we were successful to guarantee them job positions in the fashion industry job market); two have created their own fashion brand; and, finally, three have continued their graduate studies to become fashion designers.
In 2014, we were able to found our actual workshop space where we created at least two new tailoring job positions, while adopting necessary processes of clothing production based on the greater principles of Sustainable Fashion such as creative exclusivity and slow rhythm (of production), hereupon giving priority to particular procedures of handcrafted clothing within specific cultural and traditional approaches. Mainly, by using textile materials of African origin and second-hand-clothing, the AAA creates exclusive pieces that mirror both social and ecological ethical dimension, meanwhile respecting the knowledge and technical skills of the tailors involved in the whole creative process. The services provided by the Atelier also include the production of collections by different fashion designers, as well as custom-made orders by private clients.
At its core, the AAA project’s key-concept has been developed and involved on the broader idea of using fashion for a positive social change. However, despite our efforts, the survival of this promising project depends on the right financial support in order to grow further and farther.
It is our ambition:
To move our workshop to a bigger location with more and better conditions and equipment;
To form a Cooperative for the design and production of African Sustainable Fashion;
To create more and better job positions; and thus,
To offer the right conditions for more and more tailors to become legal working residents/citizens.
Every year there are more African tailors migrating to Lisbon hoping to fulfill their dream to pursue their creative profession under better living and working conditions. It is our dream that the AAA becomes a more cohesive and stronger platform that supports African immigration effectively.
With your help we can make these dreams come true! PLEASE DONATE!
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