Please Support Our Campaign

23 Mar Please Support Our Campaign

Make MODAAFRICA 3rd edition possible. Please support our campaign “Label Made in Africa: The Green Carpet African Runway Project”.

To connect Sustainable Fashion to African creativity in the city of Lisbon is one of AMA’s – The African Fashion Association – major goals in promoting, organizing, producing, and propagate MODAAFRICA – Eth(n)ical Fashion Week, an event of international nature that takes the Portuguese capital as the focal-center of intercultural fashion by annually presenting the collections of African and Luso designers (whether from the continent, or from the Diaspora) who share a new green vision on both the traditional and contemporary richly patrimony of textile art and confection of African inspiration.
More MODAAFRICA will mean to safeguard the important role Portugal as one (more) hosting country connected to the large worldwide network of fashion-weeks, however, here and now further ecologically aware, under the effigy of the Label Made in Africa, as considered by the international Fashion System, the 21st century brand of reference.
It is our dream for MODAAFRICA to be an international reference in regard to a contemporary African fashion ethically responsible. It is our great intention to make a 3rd edition of MODAAFRICA in May 2018, but because we do not have any kind of financial help, neither from the government, nor other sources, we ask for your kind support for the next edition to happen please!

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