AAA: Atelier Alfaiates Africanos

About This Project

From the outskirts to the centre: the fashion of the ‘new’ Lisbon
AAA is a project with a social/educational scope founded by the fashion designer Sofia Vilarinho during her PhD in Sustainable Fashion Design. This conception started in 2011 and it was developed in cooperation with Modatex, an educational centre in Lisbon. The continuity and spread of this pilot project aim to find, encourage and expedite educational and/or academic and professional accreditation solutions and employability for the African tailors, who are resident immigrants in Lisbon’s metropolitan area.
This project has allowed the establishment of working posts and, therefore, the legalization and the insertion in the labor market (both national and international) of these African tailors. Substantiated in the principles of sustainable fashion, creative exclusivity and slow-fashion rhythm, the production of AAA’s garments give priority to handmade procedures of cultural and traditional approaches. When applying primarily African origin materials and second-hand pieces, it thereby creates unique garments, which have both ethical and ethical dimension, that respect the knowledge and technical ability of the tailors involved in the co-creation process. On its basis, the key-concept of this project develops and involves itself on the fashion concept, since it is considered as an activator of the positive social change.
The atelier’s services are based in tailoring, re-tailoring and co-design, where other creators are invited to work with the atelier. The AAA’s creation are equally patent in a showcase format in MODAAFRICA’15 event, assuring this way the presentation e spread of the best results of this project to the public. The creative board of this collection is from the fashion designer and founder of this concept, Sofia Vilarinho, responsibility.

Photography by Alipio Padilha.