About This Project

Senegal based Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the creative mind behind the brand ADAMA PARIS. Born in Kinshassa, Zaire, Adama epitomizes the multicultural fashion designer of the new millennium. Daughter of diplomats, growing up between several international cities gave her the chance to face many different cosmopolitan environments, and make her able to forge her very own sense of style. Nowadays, Adama lives between Paris and Dakar where she gets her best influences from both leading urban fashion streams. After graduating in economics and a brief stint in banking, Adama decided to devote herself entirely to her old passion and moved on to fashion studies in Paris. Not long after, Adama launched her own brand Adama Paris, and gave way to a fashion creative platform that promotes both her brandname and those of other fashion creators. Adama is also the founder and producer of many African fashion events such as the Dakar Fashion Week for 14 years; the Afrika Fashion Awards, which has become the “Trophies of African Fashion” (TMA) and; since 2010, the Black Fashion Week in Prague, Paris, Bahia and Montreal. In April 2014, Adama and her team also launched the “Fashion Africa Channel” – the first African television channel 100% Mode oriented. Meanwhile, her success in the media world – including CNN ‘African Voices’ ” (April 2014) and, follow up coverage of the World Magazine in May 2014 – has become a great window to voice up for the promotion of African women in general, and more specifically female entrepreneurship in Senegal and Africa, as well as for promoting fashion made in Africa for the world abroad.



“Ancient soul, Futuristic mind”


The mix of cowries with resolutely modern materials and forms shows a willing cultural blending for an edgy winter.
Spiritually, according to African legends, cowry shells symbolize the powerful goddess of protection. The quilted fabric adds a futuristic appearance to the look. Thick yet transparent, the fabric becomes one with the cowries’ protective spirit nonetheless extremely glamorous.
“Ancient soul, Futuristic mind” perfectly defines this sophisticated and original collection for a classy and elegant winter.


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Photography by Pasma Almeida.