BSB – Braima Sori Ba

About This Project

To Braima Sori Ba, a designer with Guinean origins, fashion is seen as a pacific way of communication. With thirteen years old he discovered her passion for fashion. He grew next to one of the most well-known tailors of Lisbon, his uncle, who shared his knowledge, traditional tailor techniques and attention on the details of this art.
His brand BSB started and has its headquarter for the past 25 years in Hamburg (Germany). He mainly creates unique pieces, especially in man suits, shirts, hats and shoes. His creative style is a fusion of traditional African patterns with occidental classic cutting elements.
His work is sold in various cities from Hamburg, Bali, and Hong Kong to New York. His atelier/boutique BSB is located in the young and elegant neighborhood of Hamburg, Karolinenviertel, Marktstraße 28 and he recently presented her collection in the African Fashion Day during the Berlin Fashion Week.

Photography by Alipio Padilha.



Guinea-Bissau / Germany