BSB – Braima Sori Ba

About This Project

To Braima Sori Ba, a designer of Guinean origins, fashion is seen as a peaceful way of communication. At the age of thirteen, Braima discovered his passion for fashion while growing up next to his uncle, a very well known tailor in Lisbon, sharing his knowledge of traditional tailoring techniques and attention for the details of this very artsy craft. Later on started his own brand BSB headquartered for the past 25 years in Hamburg (Germany). Mainly focused on creating unique pieces, and especially men’s suits, shirts, hats and shoes, his creative style is a fusion between traditional African patterns and western classic cutting elements, selling his work in various cities from Hamburg to Bali, to Hong Kong and New York. The atelier/boutique BSB is located in the young and elegant neighborhood of Hamburg, Karolinenviertel, Marktstraße 28. BSB has recently presented its collection on the African Fashion Day during the Berlin Fashion Week and the Ethno Tendance Brussels.



“Funky Line”


Pure solids – mainly cotton and wool – are the fundament for a fusion of funky patterns and crazy colors combined with traditional western cuts.


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Photography by Pasma Almeida.


Germany / Guinea Bissau