BULA – Young Designers

About This Project

Bula is a brand signed by Lausiana Santos, created after graduating in fashion design at the Lisbon Fashion School. Currently living in London Lausiana shares through her work both her Guinean and Portuguese roots. Bula is based on the valorization of her origins, roots, culture, scents, patterns and textures, characteristic of a time that reminds her of a distant past yet determinant for the way she perceives the present. Lausiana wishes to carry on with the strong character of Africa mixed with the European sophistication, and to be able to take advantage of the two worlds in which she has lived.





This a collection inspired by multiculturalism where the mixture of African fabrics with patterns from different countries highlights the elegance of the shapes, and the sophisticated and chic image of each piece.


View collection here.


Photography by Pasma Almeida.


London / Bissau