Craig Jacobs

About This Project

The highly regarded South African designer created the first African brand with ecological and ethical luxury garments. He regularly presents his collections in South Africa (Johannesburg Mercedes Benz Fashion Week) and in Paris (Black Fashion Week Paris). In 2011, he was nominated ambassador of the project “Growing and Development Strategy of Johannesburg 2040” to orientate and to increase, economically, the city of Johannesburg as an intelligent and environmental friend metropolis.
He essentially works with an ethical approach to sustainability, combining sensible materials and ecological procedures with handicraft ability, thus creating a discrete and a one of a kind style.
Since 2004, Craig Jacobs heads the Fundudzi foundation, which motto is “Clothing with Conscience”. It’s a label that defends clothes must be a reflex of our conscience and, therefore, commits with sustainability, not only through the chosen materials for each piece but also on the approach to the project itself, developing a working process, which creates empowerment mechanisms, in a close collaboration with different communities in South Africa, Mozambique and Kenya.
Fundudzi provides a capsule closet to people who have free spirit, who look forward to distinction through pieces that have an ecological conscious and socially responsible signature.



South Africa