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About This Project

Born on 15th October 1980 in Bula, Guinea-Bissau Alfa Umaro Cante later moved to Denmark where he graduated in Fashion Design in 2008. Alfa’s use of eccentric African prints and colors are all based around his native roots and culture.
Cante’s great passion for fashion has been continuous since childhood when he learned basic sewing and styling skills from a close uncle. After moving to Portugal and Denmark – where he developed his studies and enhanced all his styling skills – he returned to Guinea-Bissau in 2011, where he opened his first boutique named Fashion Cante. Following up with his success rates and outstanding impact of his store, Alfa established his second venture, the Alfa Fashion Cante Tailoring, which would act as a sister company of the first Fashion Cante.
Fashion Cante’s highlight began in 2013 at the time Alfa’s work started to become better recognized and, thus in higher demand, exceeding all expectations within Guinea-Bissau’s fashion realm. The use of eccentric African prints in Cante’s designs has drawn special attention from African natives from all over the world.
Cante’s last greatest achievements was to be crowned “2015 Best African Stylist” by Zona Uma, styling all 22 contestants of Miss Guinea-Bissau, and also to have participated in “Gambia Fashion Week”, making the designer to state that: “the past year was undoubtedly the one that opened my doors into the Fashion Industry”.



“Afro – Asia introduces the best West African embroidery in a mix of different Asian shapes.”


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Photography by Pasma Almeida.