Ghitta Laskrouif

About This Project

Ghitta Laskrouif is a Moroccan fashion designer headquartered in Casablanca, who frequently presents her collections in the Casablanca Fashion Week where, in 2012, she won the Design Award ASI award.
After studying fine art and fashion design, she started her career as a contemporary fashion designer. Her style combines the handmade technique with re-styled clothes, often using tricot and crochet as upcycling technique. The purpose of her (re) fashion collection is to value and to communicate with the heritage and love that are intrinsic in each recycled project or in each handicraft item of hers.
The designer believes that fashion is more than the clothes we wear. More than the intellectual comprehension of the creative questions it is itself a story, a life experience, a behaviour that reflects the values that are underlying.

Photography by Alipio Padilha.