About This Project

Eco Sustainable fashion by design.
‘José Hendo’ takes a fresh approach to contemporary fashion design, challenging the obsolescence nature of fashion, and the throw away culture. The label is passionately conscious of the times and is inspired by the world around us. It uses eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible, creating unique one-off pieces from organic bark-cloth, cotton, hemp, as well as second-hand garments such as suits, denim, wedding dresses, etc. thus promoting the use of organic, eco-textiles and recycled materials. The label supports ethical trading, fair working conditions and raising awareness for the environmental issues affected by the fashion industry.
Garments are designed to flatter all body shapes in a contemporary, edgy, tailored, timeless design pieces. Bespoke garments are made for any occasion and existing garments can be changed to give the customer a different or yet more updated look.
“Through my research, I learnt what happens through the life-cycle of a garment: from farming to production to the consumer then to landfill. Designing clothes now requires an awareness of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. That’s why I chose to combine good design with sustainability.”
In the desire to get away from “fast fashion”, the label invested in research into eco-sustainable fashion. The data collected clearly indicated that the future trend in fashion industry was towards sustainability. This has become the cornerstone of ‘José Hendo’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the R3. From materials to clever cutting and simplified production processes, we pride ourselves in quality, while aiming to stay relevant. This results in beautifully sculptured gowns that echo Japanese cutting and tailoring.
‘José Hendo’ wants to make a positive contribution to society. This is clearly demonstrated via its apprenticeships, work experience and free workshops as a way of giving back to the community, and also creating awareness of sustainable fashion.
“The clothes we wear are a direct expression of our personalities, beliefs and lifestyles. Eco-sustainable fashion has moved from the fringe into mainstream fashion, as a result it’s important for eco-clothing companies to produce fashionable garments. My dream is to make bark-cloth work alongside mainstream fabrics. UNESCO recognizes the making of bark-cloth as a centuries’ old technique, one that is a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. It is considered the oldest man made fabric and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Material in 2005,” Jose states.
Inspired by the wonders of nature, art, sculpture and architecture, collections produced under the label include:

-‘Resonance’ – designed entirely from organic bark-cloth, this collection explores a new way of dressing and thinking about clothes. Without metal snaps, plastic fasteners, zippers or buttons, the garments are completely biodegradable.
-‘Eco-Bride’ – a mixture of organic bark-cloth, up-cycled fabrics and eol (end of line) silk.
-‘Memories’ – primarily up-cycled clothing, including men’s ties.
-‘Contact Light’ – a Spring/Summer collection made from organic cotton and hemp.
-‘Contact Deep’ – an Autumn/Winter collection made from organic bark-cloth and eol fabrics.
-‘Infinity’ – made from organic bark-cloth and eol denim.
-‘Spontaneous’ – made from organic bark-cloth colored with eco-friendly dyes, eol silk, linen and cotton drill. Accessories are made from bark-cloth.
-‘Identity’ – in collaboration with Eki Orleans, made from organic bark-cloth, eol wool, eol silk and includes an exclusive ‘Identity’ print based on a fingerprint and the iris of the eye.
-‘Identity My Way’ – made from organic cotton and bamboo jersey, organic bark-cloth, eol cottons and up-cycling materials.
-‘Motto Silhouette’ – an all seasons’ zero-waste collection where organic bark-cloth, organic silk and hemp are combined with innovative materials such as up-cycled seatbelts and quality factory floor offcuts. This collection includes accessories and bags.



“Motto Silhoette” Autumn/Winter Collection


In Japanese “motto” means the origin, the cause, the foundation and the basis. These words underpin the designs of this new collection. Bark-cloth, organic silk and hemp are combined with innovative materials such as up-cycled seatbelts and quality factory floor offcuts. Zero-waste principles and the combinations of interesting cloth mean that designs emerge organically. One of the pieces, for example, looks like an ammonite shell fossil from the time of the dinosaurs.
Timelessness and multiple ways of wearing are part of the Jose Hendo design ethos. Avant-garde designs capture the interest of the wearer. “Sustainable by design” has been her byword from the beginning. Bark-cloth is used in innovative ways on each of her collections. Pushing the boundaries in each collection and gaining inspiration from nature and old traditions have given rise to surprising shapes, which excite the wearer and surprise the onlooker, yet remaining practical.


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Photography by Pasma Almeida.


Uganda / London