About This Project

Namibia-based fashion designer Nikola Conradie has returned to her home country to create her own label after studying fashion design in the Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. In her own words, she describes her work as ‘classic’ as she tends to go back to the fifties, and that’s why her creative work basis “can be considered a ‘vintage’ reconsidered within contemporaneity”. In addition, she proudly links her work to an environmental consciousness, since sustainability is reflected in the use of ecological fabrics, as well in the production chain, given that it respects the workers with whom she develops her collections. Although having a great attachment to comfort and luxury, she also takes into account the natural fabrics, mainly using natural color-dyes instead of artificial ones, which is the reason why her collections can be distinguished for the little color notes.



“In the NUDE”


“In the NUDE” is a collection which inspiration is drawn from life, or else stated: “what you find from life and how you take from it.”
Conradie presents very delicate and feminine silhouettes that make the woman look like she’s valuable to life and society. Knowing that women tend to be taken for granted, this collection aims to bring awareness to the role a Woman can have.
In her own words: “everything I came up with I decided to show this power and determination to make a difference in life and society as a woman, and this is what my collection is all about.”


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Photography by Pasma Almeida.