About This Project

Teresa Samissone is a Portuguese fashion designer with Mozambican roots. In 2010, arises SAMISSONE, a label of contemporary clothing that uses fabrics with African prints and in which we can find pieces that distinguish themselves for the crossing between the well-studied shaping and the rich, dynamic and colourful patterns, which result in collections of unique and exclusive pieces that carry a great energy and African inspiration.
The clothes created by SAMISSONE are usually developed in an atelier and produced in an exclusive way, never repeating the patterns in the same modelling.
In exclusive to MODAAFRICA’15, the designer will present a collection conceived on its basis on the upcycling technique, changing unused pieces into something new, current and desirable and she will also present SAMISSONE pieces from previous collections, which had less impact, now revisited according to the new fashion tendencies.
Teresa Samissone, through active and conscious practices, contributes to the decrease in the ecological footprint. Simultaneously she finds the opportunity to value matters such as individuality, respect for life, our planet and family, not only through the label concept but also through her work and in what allows her to relate with others in social terms.



Portugal / Mozambique